Thursday, June 3, 2010

Task Sequnce to install App-V 4.6 and remove older App-V and Softgrid versions

This is a sequence I created for installing the App-V 4.6 client. At our university we have many different Softgrid/App-V installations, so I had to make this TS with a lot of different conditions for each step. Hope this will help someone :)

The PDF is just an overview of the task sequence, it requires some knowledge and packages to be created already, you must also have the MSIs for all the older versions you want to uninstall (to be able to create conditions).

App-V 4.6 TS.pdf

Provided "as is"...

Reassign Site Code in SCCM client

Found this yesterday... If you want to trigger an automatic site code discovery in the Config Manager client, you can distribute this vbscript as an assigned program:

Set smsclient=CreateObject("Microsoft.SMS.Client") 

Simple? Yes :) But it took me a while to find this, so I wanted to share it!